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Promote Your Business with Google Ads

Google Advertising is a great way to promote your business and provide advertisements to target markets. Your ad will only be shown to those searching the internet for your products or services. You can choose to place your ads locally, nationally or globally, depending on your target audience and how many people you would like to reach. The best part is, you only pay when someone engages with your ad, by either visiting your website or calling your business. Continue reading “Promote Your Business with Google Ads”

Advertising on Amazon

In a recent news article, The Wall Street Journal declared Amazon as a new “Advertising Giant.” Just behind Google and Facebook, Amazon ranks third in the U.S. digital ad market. The company has continued to extend their business into an even larger variety of industries, and their ad business continues to grow as well. Amazon’s ad sales are expected to wildly increase in the next five years, about a $28.4 billion jump in revenue, according to a survey by Cowen & Co. Continue reading “Advertising on Amazon”

Radio Advertising

Picture the scene: You’re driving home after a long day of work jamming out to your favorite song on your favorite radio station. When it’s over, you begin to hear an advertisement for a local business in your area, this one being the Long Island Game Farm. Weird, you were just thinking about where to take your kids this weekend. Continue reading “Radio Advertising”

Advertising Spotlight: 2018 MLB Season

With the 2018 Major League Baseball season opener Thursday, March 29 (less than two weeks away), now is the time to start putting together an ad to be featured during the Mets and/or Yankees games. Baseball is the American past time, and, with over 9 million viewers of the MLB Network in 2017, advertising during games is sure to bring attention to your business.

Altice USA (formerly Cablevision) and Fios are offering different advertising packages to fit the needs and budget of all New York companies.

Continue reading “Advertising Spotlight: 2018 MLB Season”

Don’t “Pass Over” This Advertising Opportunity

Passover is just weeks away. Starting March 30, students and their families will be seeking family-oriented and educational opportunities during school break. The Jewish Press is an ideal media outlet for destinations or recreational facilities to advertise in leading up to the Passover holiday, in order to reach Jewish families. Continue reading “Don’t “Pass Over” This Advertising Opportunity”

What Is a Micro Moment, Anyway?

or, the Future of Mobile Marketing

The term “micro moment” has lately been passed around the net as an opportunity to snag potential clients at the time when they are researching something on their mobile devices. Micro-moments occur when people go to a smartphone or tablet to act on a need to learn, discover, watch, buy or do something. The ease of reaching into a pocket to answer almost any question has developed a new culture of “ask and ye shall receive”; in other words, consumers expect answers at a moment’s notice, and companies are expected to deliver crucial information immediately. Continue reading “What Is a Micro Moment, Anyway?”

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