Advertising Spotlight – Telemundo and Univision

Telemundo and Univision are Spanish-language television networks that, combined, reach over 25 million viewers each week, and this number is growing every year. Within the past five years, Telemundo has seen rapid growth – it is on track to nearly double its net operating revenue since 2014.

Because of these numbers, now is a great time to consider buying advertising spots on one or both of these channels.

Why buy spots on both channels?
Research shows that viewers of these channels are very loyal to their preferred network, resulting in minimal overlap of viewers. Therefore, advertising on both channels helps ensure that your commercial will be seen by the greatest number of people.

For assistance in placing an advertisement on Telemundo or Univision, or for more information regarding advertising opportunities, please contact Digital Drive at or 1(855) 776-4123.

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